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November 2010

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Picket fence

Conversations in the car

We went house hunting again today, which meant a lot of time in the car driving from place to place. We saw a man panhandling on a center island near the highway. His cardboard sign read, "I'm living outside. Think about it." This of course did get me thinking. I asked Kevin what he thought would happen if we were to panhandle one day. I wondered how much we would earn if we sat outside with cardboard signs. It would be an interesting social experiment, if nothing else. We can't know what it's truly like on the other side of any particular situation until we've been there ourselves.

Later on that stupid "I wanna be a freakin' billionaire" song came on the radio. Kevin proclaimed, "I hate that song." Still in the mindframe of social experiments, I replied, "wouldn't everybody like to be a billionaire?" I then proposed that it would be an interesting study to give people of different ethnicities, levels of education, and socioeconomic status the same (large) amount of money to see what they would do with it. Would their background influence who invested wisely and who squandered? What group would come out on top? We think we know the answers, but do we really? So much of what we think we know about people, their intentions, and their potential actions is founded in bias and stereotyping. It's food for thought.

While we're on the subject of thinking...

A song by Ke$ha came on the radio called "Blah, blah, blah." I am trying hard to fight liking this song. I hate the lyrics, but I am finding the rhythm and beat suck me in like all of Ke$ha's songs do (we won't talk about the fact that I sing along to 'Dinosaur' with fervor cause it is just that entertaining). Kevin said Ke$ha is popular because she has figured out how to use dance musicality and sex to her advantage (much like Madonna in her heydey). I said, "yeah... we wouldn't want to drag people down with meaningful lyrics. We wouldn't want anyone to have to THINK." That said, I'm all for fluff sometimes. :)


Oh I ♥ Justin Bieber too! What's wrong with us girl? LOL

The Diva went and bought My World 2.0 last week and hid it from me, because I still have her first CD in the car, haha.
I dunno. I think he's cute. ::squee:: LOL